The Very Best Stuff

A Tale of 2 Witchers 2

In the lead-up to Witcher 3, Steam was selling Witcher 2 for $5, so welcome to my review of Witcher 2, a game that I like even though it kind of hated me.

The Stanley Parable: Choose Someone Else’s Adventure

Ripped straight from my recurring nightmares, The Stanley Parable is a videogame about a sentient videogame that hates you and tries to screw you over as you play. It’s equal parts funny and creepy, and it shows how you can take a very simple idea and build something layered and thought-provoking out of it.

Sherlock Series Three (Be Careful What You Wish For)

I would call this a TV binge, but there’s really not enough of it for that. It’s more like a TV snack. It took four and half hours to watch and I kind of… didn’t like it as much as the first two series?

Bathtub Philosophy and True Detective (I Don’t Even Know)

I’ve been thinking really hard about this, internet, and here’s what I’ve got: True Detective is about climbing into a bathtub with a philosophy major who skimmed the required reading, where both of you get high while he tells you the meaning of life, and you’re like, “Dude, you’re so pretty, I don’t even care if nothing you’re saying right now makes sense,” and hipster country music plays in the background. That’s what it felt like to me.