Art/Design Stuff

Published Fiction

My professors would be so proud! This is a list of short stories I published since graduating, including the one my school gave me an award for and the one somebody told me was the least coherent thing that I had ever written (not saying that assessment was wrong).

That Time I Went on LinkedIn

Every Wednesday for 24 weeks, I’m posting new articles to LinkedIn. There’s more than one way to talk about work and workplace culture so, rather than writing an essay about why I think you should be nice to people, or how I think it’s stupid to pretend that nobody has feelings, I’m exploring non-traditional formats for LinkedIn content. There are jokes, there are poems, there are infographics it’s a good time.

Budget Design Work (That I Wouldn’t Trade for Anything)

I would one day like to experience the rush that comes from having both money and time. For now, my rush is not having either of those things. I’m very proud of the work my teammates and I were able to do, and proud that we were able to treat each other with respect in what were sometimes pressured, emotional settings.

Art Projects

I work on digital art projects in my spare time. Some of them are available on Society6 and Curioos.