Stuff I made

Fiction Writing

“Memory/Hole” – Grain (2017)

Won the Walker Prize under its original title in 2012.

I watch the other visitors sometimes, and wonder what it feels like if you love the person you’re visiting.

“Rasputin’s Song” – Filling Station (2017)

Long-listed for CBC Short Story Prize 2015.

He howls again… It’s sad and angry and loud and song, and there’s two of us doing it, now.

“This Problem with Mallory Pete” – Prism International (2016)

Just a few generations ago, we were chattel.

“Greece, Falling” – Grain (2015)

My heart, through the walls, to your heart — all pieces, all leaving, all scattered, all touching, all one.

“Why Don’t You” – Cactus Heart (2015)

This is the love that Gretta has known — from the cataract eyes of an old, lean dog, who thumped his tail on the floor when she’d pet him.

“Punch” – Echolocation (2015)

All the times I sucked up my pride and stayed quiet – it was all worth it, for this moment of reward, this imaginary box of respect.

“Circle and the Sun” – Room (2013)

A parrot speaks to me with the voice of Phillip McGraw and says, “Depressed people are depressing.” A chorus of smaller birds titter and flap their wings.