Stuff I made

Digital Conference Reports

During my time at the OHTN, I led production of five digital conference reports, integrating text and video. This meant coordinating a team of six writers, designers, and video producers, as well as doing hands-on work at each stage (interviewing, copy writing, editing, web design).

There were some long nights of filming back to back interviews, and some long days of playing and re-playing footage to find the perfect clip, but I was always blown away by how generous our speakers were with their time, and how genuine they were in front of the camera. It’s not an easy thing to speak in public, let alone when you’re being recorded they did it because they cared about their work and had a message they wanted to share. We understood that they were placing trust in us, and we took that responsibility seriously.

I remember one night, hours and hours after I’d started crunching my toes in my shoe to stop form falling asleep; after we put all the equipment away, I lay awake thinking, “This is the best job in the world.”