My Petty Concerns

The 12 Most Useful Things I’ve Learned Outside of School

Last year, around my birthday, I talked about the most useful things I learned in school. This year, I bring you the most useful things I learned outside of school, plus a photo from my first ever vacation, the past August, where I learned that I am just as negative and dramatic as everybody says. I almost died!

The 12 Most Useful Things I Learned in School

I was in school for 21 years, yo. I have a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree in social science, a bachelor’s degree in the humanities, and a graduate degree in which I mashed the two things together to create a monstrous creative writing thesis that haunts me to this day. And on this, my birthday week – the week of self-reflection and memories of shame – I present, in no particular order, the 12 Most Useful Things I Learned in School.

Time Out: The Five Stages of Moving

It’s my birthday week, which means I have to sit around and reflect on what I’ve accomplished this year. And, since I’ve only accomplished one thing, here’s a boring-ass story about how I moved, and a picture of the most amazing meal I never ate.