Random Movies: Best to Worst

In which Thoroughbreds may become my all-time favourite movie and The Dark Tower ruins the one thing I liked about it.

Random Movies: Best to Worst

I will forever ask myself why I was willing to watch a reboot of Star Trek, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not Blade Runner 2049, which is better than both of them.

Random Movies: Best to Worst

So, there’s a Martin Scorsese movie literally nobody has ever heard of, and it’s maybe one of the greatest films ever.

TIFF 2017: High Fantasy

I write more about what was, for me, the best surprise at TIFF 2017 over at PopMatters (external link).

TIFF Movies 2017: Best to Worst

Due to the extremely nerdy ticket-choosing process I used, I can compare how the movies ranked after I saw them to how they ranked on my selection list.