Random Movies: Best to Worst

I will forever ask myself why I was willing to watch a reboot of Star Trek, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but not Blade Runner 2049, which is better than both of them.

Random Movies: Best to Worst

So, there’s a Martin Scorsese movie literally nobody has ever heard of, and it’s maybe one of the greatest films ever.

TIFF 2017: High Fantasy

I write more about what was, for me, the best surprise at TIFF 2017 over at PopMatters (external link).

TIFF Movies 2017: Best to Worst

Due to the extremely nerdy ticket-choosing process I used, I can compare how the movies ranked after I saw them to how they ranked on my selection list.

Game of Thrones: When the Walls Fell

The seventh season of Game of Thrones broke all the rules of Game of Thrones, which is either awful or amazing, depending which scene you’re watching.

Arkham Punch (You with a Tank)

Arkham Knight takes everything great about the gameplay in Arkham City and throws it in a blender with everything great about the storytelling and immersion in Arkham Origins, and then adds tanks. It’s an amazing finale to the series and it made me admire Rocksteady a little.