Night in the Woods Touched My Heart, Blew My Mind, Inspired Me, and Left me Tongue-Tied

Now, watch me try to explain it.

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Arkham Punch: Origin Story

In which I play the third game in a four-game series that is sometimes called a trilogy.

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Guardians 2 is Three Good Movies Mashed into a Bad One

The psychedelic IMAX poster was the only part I genuinely loved.

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Random Movies: Best to Worst

Cartoons win out over super heroes and existential dread, as they should.

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Other TV Shows I Watched: Best to Worst

In case you thought I suddenly had a life that wasn’t binge-watching TV shows, be reassured that I don’t.

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The Sexy Brutale is the Groundhog Day of Murders with One Important Flaw

The flaw is in the time travel, as always.

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Suicide Squad is a Good Movie, but It’s Also Three or Four Bad Ones

I mean, there’s literally no way if could have been as bad as everybody said.

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‘The Transfiguration’ Offers Insights into Vampirism and How Our Experiences Shape Us

I’m not stoked about this movie’s prognosis for kids who’ve experienced trauma, but I AM stoked that it offers a fresh take on what vampires mean metaphorically (external link).

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In Which Telltale Finally Makes Me Give a Shit About Batman

Telltale’s weirdly amazing Batman game is further proof that Game of Thrones was just a random misfire.

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‘Moonlight’ and the Radical Depiction of Love

Before the Bitch Flicks hiatus, I wrote many more words about my love for Moonlight, which you can find on their site, now (external link).

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WTF is Katherine?

Katherine is me! I’m a writer and graphic designer based in Toronto, and I compulsively document everything I watch, play and read, usually just for fun (sometimes for an actual purpose). I went to school for a super long time without managing to get a PhD, but I have some pretty good degrees in English, creative writing, and psychology. I write for a few different websites, most usually Bitch Flicks.

WTF is this blog?

This blog is partly a tedious account of everything I’ve watched, played, or read lately, and partly a set of links to actual articles and blog posts I’ve written for other websites.

That sounds really amazing.

I know.