Beholder: A Resource Management Game Where Your Resource is the Suffering of Others

The next chapter in my personal journey toward evil involves blackmailing random citizens and turning them over to a repressive regime.

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Random Movies: Best to Worst

So, there’s a Martin Scorsese movie literally nobody has ever heard of, and it’s maybe one of the greatest films ever.

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TIFF 2017: What Will People Say

I review one of the most controversial films I saw at TIFF over at PopMatters (external link).

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TIFF 2017: High Fantasy

I write more about what was, for me, the best surprise at TIFF 2017 over at PopMatters (external link).

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TIFF 2017: My Days of Mercy

I reviewed my favourite TIFF 2017 movie at PopMatters (external link).

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TIFF 2017: Woman Walks Ahead

I say more about this reincarnation of Dances with Wolves at PopMatters (external link).

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TIFF Movies 2017: Best to Worst

Due to the extremely nerdy ticket-choosing process I used, I can compare how the movies ranked after I saw them to how they ranked on my selection list.

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Katherine’s Hellblade Review for Nervous Stressed-Out People

Hellblade sits at the intersection of Amazing Piece of Art and Creepy Nightmare Factory, which is an intersection I was surprisingly okay with visiting.

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The Handmaid’s Tale is Weirdly Cheerful, and Imperfect, and Something You Should Watch

The Handmaid’s Tale is one of the most disturbing shows on TV, but it’s still way more uplifting than the book it’s based on.

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Game of Thrones: When the Walls Fell

The seventh season of Game of Thrones broke all the rules of Game of Thrones, which is either awful or amazing, depending which scene you’re watching.

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WTF is Katherine?

Katherine is me! I’m a writer and graphic designer based in Toronto, and I compulsively document everything I watch, play and read, usually just for fun (sometimes for an actual purpose). I went to school for a super long time without managing to get a PhD, but I have some pretty good degrees in English, creative writing, and psychology. I write for a few different websites, most usually Bitch Flicks.

WTF is this blog?

This blog is partly a tedious account of everything I’ve watched, played, or read lately, and partly a set of links to actual articles and blog posts I’ve written for other websites.

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